Yan And Group Crit

I had a group crit with Yan and peers on the course with me on the 26th of March. This was a chance to how the work that we had done to date and tell others about it. This did not go well for me and to be honest, it left me angry but determined to carry on what I am doing regardless. The feedback I got from one of my peers was very cutting but it was picked up on by Yan and another peer in the group, that my work lacks a clear tone and narrative and that the style and content of the photography is sending mixed messages. 

My work so far has consisted of fashion style portraits of people in masks and images of the masks discarded on the floor. I tried to explain my motive here is that people often picture themselves in the images they see of models wearing items they are interested in, so I took images in that style. The images of the masks on the ground are more documentary based to give a closer examination of where and how these ‘desirable’ designer masks end up.

The problem is that there is a step between the two sets of images that are missing which is of people inside shops or public transport wearing these masks, being properly or improperly. This would be with the models I have already used and in the same masks, as if to tell a story of the life of these masks. 

I personally feel like this would be an interesting and possibly provoking way of looking at masks. I will also be including some product photography of the boxes these masks have come in. I felt like I was talking to a brick wall in the meeting as no one seemed to understand what I had planned but  they only had half of the story to go on/ I will continue along this with this narrative but the whole thing left me angry and frustrated. I got some feedback from Richard Higginbottom at the end of my third year FMP which was to be more resilient and throughout this meeting and the following days it kept ringing in my ears, I guess this rant and the subsequent delay in posting this shows I still have some work to do.

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