Workflow Lab

I tried my absolute best to stay engaged in this tutorial but not only was I struggling to understand it but I was also catching heat from a fellow classmate for trying to help people out by supplying them with the software that was required to do it. Coding is not engaging at the best of times especially when your being distracted by another student blaming you for putting a virus on their computer. I lost my way in the lesson and logged out once it became clear the other student’s computer was fine.

I decided to try and have another go at the photoshop and enhance my skills further. I followed up on another YouTube video I had seen by PiXimperfect but part way through it became clear that a graphics tablet would be necessary and I don’t have one so I used a simpler image and the skills I used worked straight away. 

I tried to create an interesting, Paul Smith-esq background using the colours found on the mask in the image. I used my photos of Joe for this exercise and over all i am pleased with the results, especially not having done anything like this till yesterday. I learnt a lot about blending and  feathering and used my skills from previous tutorials where i learnt about using shapes in Photoshop. I tried to brighten the face of Joe a bit as well as it was shot outside on an overcast day and as a result he looks very placed but lightening it helped. Going forward I think using brighter light or a studio will help if I intend to replace the background in post

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