Urban Landscapes

While I was out with the zoom lens, I also took my 24-70 L with me, the same that I had been using in my other shoots. My focus switched from people to the area around me. I got feedback from a freind that the landscapes I had made earlier really gave some context to the rest of the images so it would be worth exploring this again. I took her up on her afvice and tppl images of the town centre, pitty that it wasnt snowing as it would be excellent to add more of these images to the work.

There is also another purpose to adding landscapes which is to re-affirm the direction this work is going in, which editorial/documentary, despite the statements to the contrary of my peers. I think some of these could potentially be a useful addition to the work, especially the one of the man walking towards me and the one of the blossom trees in front of CO-OP but I would need to judge the tone they set when I storyboard the entire set.  The idea of these images is to give the audience context as to the people in the portraits. 

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