Street Photography Session

After the feedback I received and a discussion with a friend of mine, I decided to try and explore street photography and adding a new landscapes to my work. With the street photography I tried to catch people in their masks and capture a variety of styles and types of masks as well as documenting the different ways people wear a mask. It’s been over a year since the first national lockdown and people still don’t understand how to wear a mask or why it’s important, just that they need one to get into a shop.

I felt that the best way to capture these kinds of images is by using a zoom lens, so I asked a friend of mine if I could borrow his Canon 70-300mm F5.6. This is an entry level lens that is often bundled with cameras along with ‘kit’ lenses aimed at beginner photographers. This is the best lens I could lay my hands on for the task, not owning a zoom lens myself. 

I captured a few different images of members of the public with different masks and styles and different ways of wearing them but I dont think they add anything to the project overall. This approach, in my eyes, only seems to devalue the rest of the images and the work overall as it fails to bring anything to the overall narrative. The rest of images in my work are considered where as these are ‘on the fly’ and opportunistic and looks like they are from a different photographer. 

There are two images I do like, the one of the older people on the bench that was shot from the hip, and the one of the older people wearing the blue/green tops but different types of masks. These images are just so different in tone to the rest of the work that I have already made that I doubt I will add them to the rest of portfolio. 

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