Snowy Landscape

So the easter break has been overwhelmed with lovely weather, especially this last week so imagine my surprise to see that it was snowing in the Yorkshire Dales, specifically Brimham Rocks. I decided to head up there early morning to get some images in the snow and see if I could add to similar images I took in December. Those images were meant to give off a feeling of isolation and loneliness but I didn’t get many images, so I thought I would add to them to give myself a bit of flexibility in case my desired path doesn’t come together.

From an aesthetic point of view, i think the images are nice to look at but the bright blue sky kind of gives off a different feeling to the ones in December which had a grey sky. I mainly took images of isolated rocks, or paths, roads , footprints and trees in order to follow similar themes of my shoot in December. I had to shoot fast as the snow was melting and with lockdown being eased the next day, tourists were flooding in, making it difficult to get isolated shots. I think the shots of the rocks are most successful, the roads less so.

I think some of these are more useful as desktop wallpapers than images in my book but i will keep them on file for possible use later on.

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