Shoots with Chris and Leona

After term has ended, I have tried to get on with creating work. I currently work part time in Doncaster and my colleague Leona requested some headshots for her own projects. I took the opportunity to photograph her in a mask as well. We discussed her requirements and mine in which I asked for her to wear a white top. she brought a long a t-shirt which unfortunately had been kept in her bag during her working day so it was filled with creases and folds, it was also a Simpsons t-shirt so it had a bright blue sky and yellow text on it, leaving me with no option but to focus soley on her head. This is the third time I have made a simple clothing request and it has never been adhered to apart from once, by accident. From this point on, I may have to try and rethink the wardrobe of models and how I ask them to dress seeing as my current methods are not working. 

Most of the shots were disappointing, Leona had told me she had modelling experience and was confident in front of a camera but she was rigid and nervous in front of camera and she preferred places that were darker despite me requesting otherwise. I have included my favourite image of her here, one that has been photoshopped to get rid of creases as well as some light airbrushing

I also had a shoot with Chris, in an abandoned warehouse. The warehouse is why we were there and I took the opportunity to photograph him in a new mask and, like my shoot with joe, tried match the colours of it with the background. I also managed to use a reflector, although Chris had to hold it. I took the opportunity to airbrush his images as i had never done this on any of the images I’d taken of men but Im not sure it really added much to the image. These images were not as successful as those I had done with Joe, mainly because of the background and I think, in part, the mask i chose to put on him which doesn’t suit what he’s wearing or standout as much as the original mask I chose with Joe

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