Shoot with Leoni

Today I had a shoot with Leoni, the second of the models I hired. We agreed to shoot in Manchester which is only an hour away from me, so when I arrived I wasn’t exhausted from a long journey and a poor night sleep as I was when I had my shoot with Bekki. Leoni was younger and more inexperienced of the two and I had to tell her exactly what I want and direct her accordingly. The up side of this was that I felt more confident in directing her than I had with models in the past and I was able to get the poses I wanted from her making sure that she was always facing the same way in most of the images I took so as to make the Paul Smith logo visible

The difficulty came in the location I had chosen for the shoot as I was recommended Piccadilly Gardens as a good place to shoot, but when I arrived the square seemed to have a few people who looked less than trust worthy and it was absolutely packed so another friend recommended Northern Quarter and this proved to be much more beneficial. This area of the city had a hipster feel to it with trendy bars and restaurants and clothing and music stores that appealed to me on a personal level. These were not the kind of backgrounds I initially wanted in my images however, as I was going for a high fashion look but some of the images worked out well

This was despite Leoni not turning up in the agreed upon colours for the shoot. Prior to the day she asked me what kind of clothes I would like her to wear and I said I needed pastel colours, as this would match the colour palette I had in mind. When we met she had a transparent camouflage crop top on with a white vest top underneath. The colours did not watch what I requested but still somehow worked well in the images. 

Once I got home I edited the images and applied the usual 8*10 crop and other alterations in Lightroom as I had in my other shoots. This included making sure the image was level, applying some dehazing for the sky and little bit of texture and toning down the highlights. I also put some images through photoshop and applied some airbrushing techniques just to practice the skill, i doubt those images will be used in my final work. 

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