Shoot with Joe

Today I managed to arrange a shoot with a semi-pro model, a friend of mine called Joe. He is a Masters student himself as well as a music teacher and bassist. He wanted some images for his Instagram and agreed to do the shoot for me if he could have some done for himself to which I agreed.

So my initial idea for this shoot was to set up outside Leeds train station, a square directly opposite the entrance to the Queen’s Hotel which has some modern looking buildings as well as traditional ones and is a short walk into town where Paul Smith shop is as well as others, there is also little intrusion for tall buildings blocking the natural light. However, there were roadworks all around this area which is a shame as the background of all the images was filled with orange borders and traffic cones as well as temp traffic lights and lots of diverted buses. This made shooting much more difficult as I am not that great at photoshop and if I left them in the pictures, the background would dominate them with their bright orange colours. However, the consequence of all this work gave me an opportunity I wouldn’t have had otherwise which is a temporary plywood bus stop that was painted by artist, Benjamin Craven and the colours used closely matches the ones on the mask. If the roadworks weren’t there, we wouldn’t have had this opportunity so it worked out for the best in the end.

I did the majority of the images at this location, shooting around passengers embarking and buses arriving and departing using the Flash Bender and Speedlite too. I was happy with the images for the most part so we moved on to the Paul Smith shop at the Victoria Arcade. I wasn’t that happy with most of the images from this location as I was very much aware of security officers nearby and I was worried about being approached so I rushed this set of images.

I was so happy with the colours of the bus stop that I decided to return there and try a little manipulate the light a little better as well as trying to direct Joe more effectively so I could get the look I want. I managed to achieve this but I didn’t realise till I was home that some images had issues with lens flares and most of the images were of the right side of Joe’s face as thats what he prefers, but the logo was on the left of the mask and so theres few images that has the perfect mix of good lighting and a strong composition with the logo visible. This is something I need to be more aware of next time around. 

I am happy with the outcome of these images as fashion is not a strong suit of mine and I think these images would perform well in a magazine…in my humble opinion 

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