Shoot with Anabel

My friend Anabel contacted me as she wanted some informal headshots for her LinkedIn and blog and other social media accounts. I agreed but as a quid pro quo, asked her to pose with a mask on for me. She agreed to this and we met up today to do the shoot. There was no previous agreement on clothing but she came in pastel colours which really pleased me but the only clean mask I had available was the black one.

The day was sunny and bright so I never had to use my Speedlite or the soft box, i just had to position her correctly. Unfortunately this was quite difficult as Anabel was camera shy, nervous and wooden or at least she was at the beginning as she eventually eased up and started doing some more elaborate and exaggerated poses on her own. 

I also asked her to pose with the mask incorrectly worn as this is a frequent sight despite compulsory mask wearing becoming a fact of life for over a year, and I like how these images have turned out. Next time I have a model I need to make sure I capture instances such as putting on and removing the mask and one of steamed up glasses, but the next stage for the photos is to photograph masks in a discarded way as well as the box itself. I also need to start thinking about the book design.

I decided to use Airbrushing on the photos she wanted for her socials, mainly because its still a new skill to me and I still have a lot to learn but also because I felt that it would improve her images. Her skin was clammy and had a few red spots so I sent her the originals as well as ones that had been altered. I am glad I did this despite the fact she preferred her original images mainly because it took me a few attempts to get the airbrushing right. My first edit made her look like an alien but my second one gave her grey areas on her face, the reason for both was using too much gaussian blur. I also experimented with clone stamping to get rid of other imperfections and with this i learnt that I must make sure i deselect the image, otherwise nothing will happen…rookie mistake

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