Pecha Kucha Crit

So this afternoon I had a crit with 3 other students and Roddy about the progress I have made so far on my project so far. We used a Pecha Kucha format, 20 seconds recorded audio per slide of our presentation and a max of 20 slides, 6min 40 each. There was significant technical issues for both staff and students as MS Teams proved to be as co-operative as ever.

This proved troublesome for the other students but they managed to find a work around, however my luck seems to be as strong as ever and I had to present mine live as I made no notes or a script and just did it ‘off the cuff’ so I had to do this again with no prep. I also had to do this with a live stopwatch running as I was talking. As a result, this meant my presentation was a little hesitant and stuttery, and I was disappointed that I had to deliver in this manner. I hope the circumstances are taken into account when they are marking these presentations

After my presentation I was given feedback from my peers and Roddy. Chloe was keen on the direction I had taken in my more recent shoots which were more fashion conscious. She recommended have a look at the trend of fashion companies making their clothes in a more ethical and environmental manner. Although an interesting suggestion, its one I am not likely to pick up as I am keen to keep this project more about the masks their impact on people.

Taylor liked the high fashion approach I was taking and mixing it with the discarded masks, especially those which have been disposed of and ended up trodden into the mud. This is the approach I am currently under taking but I may change the focus slightly and, if permissions allow, get some shots of a model inside a shop with the mask on. Leanne shared Chloe’s opinion and liked my change of focus to models.

Roddy gave some interesting feedback. He started by asking if I respond better to being given a brief as my work has so many different elements to it such as Fashion, editorial and documentary. He also asked me what kind of photographer I want to be that I should focus on delveloping this and carry on that persona post uni. This, I said to him, would be difficult as I want to be an automotive photographer but non of my work at all during university has touched this area and my current project is based on something entirely different. 
He suggested that masks and cars are both products and that my work does hover around product photography and that maybe I should give it a try.

I was a bit disappointed with the feedback as it felt like I have been wasting my time on the current topic, one I felt that I had to pursue as due to my project proposal. It also made me feel that the images I had worked hard on and thought were great were actually pretty poor. I’ve asked for a call with Roddy to clarify further as when I joined the course I was told that my project would need legs and I’m not sure I see much of that in cars, so a discussion would be useful especially if I am going to completely switch disciplines. I will aim to photograph my own car this weekend and see what comes of it.

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