Isolation Shoot

so while I have been in isolation for 14 days, it has been difficult to produce work and contribute as much as I would like. However, I ordered a Polystyrene head from eBay and utilised a hat stand, used for modeling and making hats that my grandmother had, and attached a mask to both of them. I do not own any lighting kits at home unfortunately except for a speedlight (Canon 430ex ii) and a reflector but I was blessed with good natural light today, despite some gust of wind, so and I decided  to exploit that as much as possible and use my reflector if needed. 

The first set of shots were done in the dining room as the light coming through the window made some nice shadows that could be exploited. I started with the hat stand first and tied a mask around it and shot it at different angles on the table. I tried to envisage what they would look like on our group instagram and while I was shooting, It was evident that the images were bland and not really doing much for the aesthetic the group is aiming for. I introduced some flowers behind hat stand to make it look like it was hair but it didn’t pan out. I did this with the polystyrene head as well but the effect was just strange. 
So I moved to the yard and continued outside. I utilised the garden table and positioned the head so that the flowers could be seen behind. This was intentional as a couple of friends of mine run instagram businesses which advertise with a floral background and it seems to work for them. I did prefer the images with the floral aesthetic so I went with it, even including flowers right next to the heads but this detracted from the mask so I placed a wooden container on the table and put the heads on that, giving a slightly more rustic feel. With the use of the reflector, I was able to direct light onto the darker areas of the heads, such as the base of the hat holder and the black wrapping of the polystyrene head. This worked a treat and I am pleased with the outcome of all the images despite my limited resources.
I am aware that the mask I used was a standard surgical mask and not the one we designed but this is because of the isolation and I wanted to produce work and show my thinking at the same time. 

Stand In

So the other creatives in the group are desperate for material that they can put their mask designs onto. I havent had a chance to photograph anyone yet due to isolation so I sent them images I made earlier in the year for private work I did. The model signed a release form which allows me to use the images. The guy in question is a personal trainer and he wanted to show off his physique with a mask so the tops aren’t exactly what we needed but no one else has any relevant images.

Until some others are made then this image will be distributed amongst the group as a temporary measure

Formative Assessment

Today was the Formative assessment of the work the group has put together as a collective. The presentation was a little nerve wracking due to the nature of it being on MS Teams and being conscious of not only 3 tutors but also 1 representative from Kirklees council as well as all 30+ students that were also listening in to the presentation as well. When I did my presentation for my FMP last academic year it was just me and 3 tutors in a bay in the studios and I felt a lot more confident, weirdly, giving the presentation in person rather than on a screen.

Despite the nerves, and some background noise by other students and forgetting to unmute my mic, the presentation went pretty smoothly. I managed to quickly discuss my participation and future plans within the group project. The tutors seemed to think the presentation went well too, as we received mostly positive feedback after we were finished. 

They seemed to like the way it was presented which was with Apollo starting the presentation and the first few slides giving an overview of what we hope to achieve then individual slides of each persons work with said person talking about their contributions. As a photographer I outlined my photos so far and the different types of photography and film types I have used. The other team members did the same for their respective areas.

The design of the presentation was well received and the graphic designers in the group also got the same treatment for their individual and unique designs. The fact that thought had gone into not only designing a mask but also about the materials that were going to be used in the construction of it as well as showing that we are thinking not only of 1 person 1 mask but also about unifying the mask designs and the people that wear them. We do, however, need to make sure that this message also filters through in our advertising.  We must also get our costings for each mask and materials put together, something we talked about later on in the day in the subsequent group meeting. Judging by the initial costings, the mask will be ‘high-end’ and we will need to justify that, does it offer more protection than cheaper masks or does it offer something that other masks don’t? 

The Idea that Icey had of using a vending machine to dispense masks received high praise from Robin, the Kirklees council representative who liked the idea of placing a machine in a music venue and then we will have a “captive audience” that will use it. Our marketing campaign now needs more focus from this point onwards and I will be putting as much effort as I can in self isolation. I have already purchased a polystyrene head to use as a model for masks when in isolation as well as using my nan’s hat holder, used for making hats with. Hopefully the images produced will be of sufficient quality for the website. 

One thing that did occur to me afterward was the possibility of making a Zine to accompany what would have been the exhibition. This would be a way of cataloguing the past. present and future of the market as well as showcasing the photographs that me and Harley, who this would be a collaboration with, have put together in a familiar and sympathetic format

Using Format