Survey Results

Just after the start of the second term I put together a survey with the intention of not only finding out the mask habbits and opinions of the general public but also to try and gather a few volunteers for the project. In my undergrad, i noticed a few people had used Survey Monkey a few times for similar reasons so I used the same company. I had very little idea how difficult this would be and how much it could potentially cost. I wish I had done further research into the providers of such services as the free option for this website limited not only how many questions you could ask but also how many peoples replies you could see. In order to see the results of everyone that answered as well as ask more than 9 questions, I would have to pay £90pm which is a fantastic amount to pay.

So i made do with the 9 questions and the limited reply. At the time of the screenshots, over 100 people replied but Survery Monkey would only let me see 60 replies. The survey was placed on facebook, on local community gossip pages where I know there is strong resentment towards lockdown and wearing masks. I also asked a few friends to share this survey for me so as to cast a wider net, this is before I knew about the restriction on replies. 
As a result of this, I had managed to catch a wide rage of replies. most of the responses were from women and the age range of all participants was wide ranging. All the replies can be seen below.

Despite the wide net i cast, I was unable to attract any Anti-Maskers or Anti-vaxxers to take part in either the survey or the project itself. No one admitted to not wearing a mask indoors a situation similar to my undergrad where no Brexiteers would admit to voting for it either. I think this is because that despite my best efforts to remain neutral I had created a theme and project that was inherently biased and accusatory hence the lack of participants. I will need a new topic for my project going forward.

The last question I asked on the survey was regarding participation in the project itself, making it very clear that it was photographic in nature and that the image could well be published, and a few people agreed to this, passing on their e-mail at there volition and all were pro-mask wearers. I may explore this subject and take advantage of these participants while I can.


So today I took advantage of the snow fall we had over night to go and photograph it and use it for my project, or at least the ‘sample’ that needs to be constructed for Friday’s crit with Roddy. I feel as though the cold weather reflects the participant’s feeling about the lockdown and mask wearing policy that we should all adhere to. I also think that the snow brings a certain isolation to many people as it makes it harder for people to get around or they are snowed in completely and isolation is something that we are all feeling at the moment with the lockdown in effect and social gathering banned. 

Portrait Idea

Today I started to shoot a series of images meant to show my thinking for the forthcoming project based on Anti-maskers. However, we are currently in Lockdown 3.0 and we cannot leave our houses unless its for essential reasons. So with this in mind, I photographed my mum who is not an Anti-masker but I can use these images to show my thinking.

The topic itself requires volunteers to admit that they are essentially breaking the law so anonymity is something they will be very keen to have so I decided to try and focus on this aspect. I tried to take the photos from different angles such as the rear third quarter or the back of her head so her face cannot be seen. I felt like seeing the portrait in this way would make people think of their own reactions when seeing an anti-maskers, silently cursing them as they walk past and turning their heads to quietly shame them as they walk away. This also has the added bonus of making them harder to identify.

I tried to disguise her appearance in other ways such as using mosaics to cover up facial features, just as they do on tv. For this I had to use photoshop which was easier said than done as my skills with this programme are rudimentary at best. I am pleased that I managed to create the effect i desired fairly easily after looking up how to do it on google. I feel that this effect adds a great amount of suspicion to the person in the image and this is unnecessary. I like the aesthetic but I think that it makes it seem like I am judging them and I am hoping to achieve a more balanced narrative.

I used an image I took for last semesters work that was never used in order to practice another way of disguising the facial features of the participants. I came up with the idea of using a spray paint effect to cover someones eyes. I drew inspiration from a YouTube video mocking a movie called Suicide Squad which features this effect throughout its marketing so I took to photoshop to recreate this effect and managed to do it. The graffiti background really makes this effect more relevant but again makes it sound like I’m projecting my own bias onto the participants which is something I’d like to try and avoid going forward.

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