Apollo Shoot

Today, my friends from last semesters group work agreed to let me take his photo for my work in order for me to gain some traction and a firmer Idea of where this work can and will possibly lead. I did this after speaking with Yan Preston who said that the best way for me to see where my work can go is to shoot, shoot, shoot. And thats what I set out to do.

I noticed on our previous meeting that Apollo prefers to wear a snood rather than a face mask as I do and I thought that would possibly add to the content by offering a different perspective on the word ‘mask’. To add further intrigue, the snood is decorated with a wide smile full of fangs. 

The only downside was that the weather was very dull and overcast and unfortunately spitting with rain so this was a rushed shoot as my lens is not weather sealed. As a result of this I feel that the images could be stronger as the light is dull and flat and the light on the images I took with my speedlight looks too harsh. I feel that if I had another person with me to hold a reflector then things may have been different. 
On the plus side I learnt how to add a border around the image and then a stroke to the border for when I add it into the book, using photoshop.

1433 Task

Communication is something that I think the university needs to improve. I had no idea there was a task set for this week until 10pm the day before and I could not find any information anywhere on what the task was. Seeing as we were in week 4 I looked in every part of week 4 and watched the video again in order to find it and see what it was. I wasn’t the only one who felt like this, my mates didn’t find it until the day before and thankfully they were able to send me over a screenshot of what was required. This isn’t the first time that the uni has let us down with communication such as the content of the masters.

Anyhow I managed to quickly throw together a story board together to present but I would have liked to have spent longer on it as it could have been quite enjoyable. This stress mixed with the uncertainty of my FMP has really added to the negative feelings I have been having around the masters. I would love some more direction or help with it but when I reach out to staff I don’t seem to get much of a reply….I cant help but feel that if the uni was open, I would be having a much easier and happier time

1433 Photoshoot

Today I spent some time with Chris, my course mate, taking photos of him around Halifax. Ideally I would have preferred another pair of hands to hold a reflector for me as the light was very changeable, one minute being clear and blue and bright, the next it was dark and overcast. I wanted to take some images of him wearing his everyday mask in his normal clothes. My project has changed direction from being about people who don’t wear masks to being about people who do and what happens to the masks once they are done with them. I have also taken the opportunity to purchase some designer masks, produced by Paul Smith. 

The aim of this is to photograph some people wearing these masks in a more fashion orientated way. I felt like this might be an opportunity to explore the commercialisation of the virus and how people do prioritise their looks over other factors, even to the point where they will go without wearing one as it will spoil their appearance. For this I would like a model and copy the style of the Burberry shoot. 

Anyway, my shoot with Chris went as well as it could have done. As i stated before, a reflector would have been handy but most of the images came out well with a nice crispness and sharpness to them and the light was as good as it could have been. I feel like I was able to direct Chris much better than I have been able to direct other models in the past so maybe I have learnt something there. I used a different series of backgrounds throughout the shoot going from clean and modern buildings to just colour and the results can be seen below.

I am beginning to struggle to form a solid direction for my work however. The complete failure to grab some anti-maskers has really hampered my progress and my confidence…i am beginning to wonder if I should scrap masks entirely

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