A Chance Encounter

I was browsing Facebook yesterday when I noticed a post from someone complaining about the masks littered everywhere and no one cutting the strands. This grabbed my attention immediately and I read through the replies, one of which was by a man called Richard who works at the supermarket local to me as a cleaner and spends his day cleaning the car park. He mentioned that he spends most of his day picking up masks and disposing of them. 

As a result of this comment i messaged him and asked if he was able to do a photoshoot of him picking up the masks with his tongs and possibly one of himself. He was initially interested but didn’t want to get into trouble with his employers so suggested an early morning shoot, 5AM, and to make it quick as he has to let in other employees into the building. 

When he moment came to do the shoot he was very accommodating and polite and we got on well and I was able to photograph him picking up the masks he found. We only had 10 mins as work got in the way but despite this and the early start, I found the whole enterprise worthwhile

Mask Hunt

I decided to go on the hunt for more discarded masks and see if I can come up with anything that will add to my work. I walked for 5 miles and found a few different masks that had be discarded, some in rather strange ways. One of the strangest had been tied onto two branches to keep them together, which was very odd and another that had been tied to the bottom of chickenwire style fencing. others had been discarded and thrown away, including re-usable masks. 

I did this on the same day I received my Paul Smith masks that I had purchased directly. The interesting thing here was that they had a warning label on the back of the box advising that these are not medical and not to be treated as such, highlighting people’s indifference to their and other people’s health and more concerned with how they look and being allowed into places they want to be. These I will photograph individually as well as with a model, if I can get one, and try and replicate the Burberry shoot or something similarly high fashion. 

Creative Studio Workshop

Today we had an excellent tutorial with Jamie Collier. This was all about creating a studio at home, something which I have never done. I always assumed I would need more technical equipment for this but Jamie proved me wrong. We created a studio out of cardboard, baking paper, natural light, ironing boards (although I used a desk and dining table) For the first task we have to use what we had learnt about infinity backgrounds and using two tone backgrounds as well. I used a model of a Land Rover Defender and some tin foil around a vinyl to reflect light and the back of my laptop to use as a prop. I also utilised two more vinyls as a background and fore ground. Th resulting picture is below which was taken with my Galaxy S20 Plus which really struggled with taking a closer image. The images looked fine on my phone but looked out of focus or grainy when uploaded to my computer which impacted the result. 

The second task was more Interesting as it told us more about typologies and what they were as well as how to make a series of photos look the same and display them effectively. We were tasked to take either 4 or 9 images so we can put them through Snapspeed or Layout By Instagram in order to arrange them. I chose the latter with my images of Vinyl covers I had, arranging them so the colours went from Blue to white. I used natural light and tinfoil and used the grain of the dining table to align the vinyls and make sure each picture was the same. They were then uploaded to Layout and arranged as desired and exported. Each task was only 20 mins long so there was a bit of a rush to do both but this one was my favourite of the two due to the quality of the result

I really enjoyed today’s workshops, one of them best I;ve had in a while. 

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