Another Shoot

So I do feel a bit better for having made some work. I really enjoy using film cameras, the polaroid especially as I feel that the format and aesthetic really ages the image, which would help with the ongoing theme in the project. I was surprised with the images taken by the Boots camera. Most are of fairly reasonable quality and did it did a good job, even with a fixed f8 aperture, ISO200 Film and no ability to change the shutter speed. The OM10 however, had issues as all the images came out blurry and i am unsure why. It had a 36 exposure film inside it so it was used at different periods over several days and locations but every single image is disappointingly blurry. 

I had a mishap with the Canon though. I decided to use my 24-70 L Lens instead of the 35 I used last time and this produced much better results, briefly. The image of what i had taken quickly flashed upon the screen only to be taken away by a label saying ‘No Memory Card Installed’. Like a dunce, i had forgotten my SD card and hadn’t brought a spare. Rookie Mistake. 

Next shoot will be with black and white film and possibly a new lens. I am eager to find a 35mm for my Olympus as thats what I use on my Canon and I would like to see the difference between them 


To be honest, i haven’t made a lot of work this week. This is mainly due to a lack of motivation and inspiration. I have found the course to be dull and irrelevant to my interests which has made it difficult to motivate myself to get some work done, or to even see out the course itself. 

Having recently sat through tutorials around HTML coding and health and wellbeing, I have wondered if I am on a Masters course for photography or on some other course that has been hurriedly put together. The group project where I am involved with students from other disciplines to produce work has the potential to be exciting and interesting but had ended up being dull.

The work is based around the market but as a photography student there is little to get my teeth into. I am not the only one who feels like this as other photography students in other groups have said the exact same thing to me.

I am not accustomed to fashion photography, which is what this type of project will necessitate but I am sure that once I get going I will begin to enjoy it and learn from those shoots. It is just very frustrating to be on a photography course and not to be taught anything new as well as being denied proper access to the studios with models which could drastically improve any fashion shoot. 

I am looking forward to the product photography that I hope I will be able to carry out as this is an area I excelled at in my second and third years and one I enjoyed so I hope to be able to at least use the studio for those shoots.

My unhappiness with course can be summed up with my diet in recent days which has consisted of junk food and nothing else, a classic sign of depression for me…trying to eat myself into a better mood.

The nature of the course now being that we are spending almost all of it indoors in front of our computers does little to improve things for me as I enjoy being outdoors and in normal circumstances, working with a new group of people on a collaborative project at uni would be music to my ears but being indoors all the time, sat in front of a screen where people cant even be bothered so show their faces has had a negative impact on my mental health not to mention making me feel slow, tired and killing my motivation.

Photography generally makes me feel better so next week I will be making an effort to go out to Huddersfield market and take more photos, with 4 cameras. My Olympus OM10, my Boots 100FF which was my first ever camera, and a Polaroid 670 SE Supercolor as well as my Canon 5D mk4. Hopefully making the work will result in a better mood which is probably only so negative because of the pandemic and the restrictions it has forced upon me


So I decided to revisit the market again today but this time, with my 5D, which is digital, and my mobile phone. I am glad that I returned with my Canon as its ability to cope better with darker areas due to it being able to change ISO to such extremes like 12000 without any degradation and the fact that I have a fast F1.4 35MM Lens attached which let in a lot of light. The Olympus OM10’s ISO is dependant in the film and the one I found easiest to get hold of was 400, with the Canon, I shot at 1000 with the aperture open at f2 and this made the images bright and clear with no ‘noise’. 

However, as fast and bright the lens was, it was a prime lens stuck at 35mm with no ability to zoom. This meant that the images were wide , great for taking in the atmosphere of the market but useless for getting the detail of the market which is what I wanted. The pictures I took were clear and give a good indication of the layout but didn’t get any details which is what the Illustration, Graphic Design and Print Making students all require.  Next visit I will bring my 24-70mm Lens which works at f2.8 but it will zoom and take clear pictures, the ISO should compensate for the slower speed of the lens.

 With my Phone, I took some images of the plaza but also of the signs and notices of the Temporary Contemporary logo in shop windows to catalogue the influence of the company on the plaza as well as details of the plaza that the camera can’t reach. I also found that the mobile phone, a Huawei Mate 20 Pro with a Leica lens, was easier to take pictures with than my rather big Canon which attracted a lot of attention. I also found that the images I took were oddly wide, even without me using the wide mode on the phone. 

Using Format