A New Member

We met our new team member yesterday, called Icey. She and the rest of our team were shown around potential workspaces we could use to display our work and sell our mask but also somewhere we could meet up and produce work, be it masks or images etc. 
One unit we liked was opposite the library and was actually the one I had used before when my final year group put on our own exhibition to display our work. The appeal of this location was the fact that we could potentially use a projector to project an advertisement onto the front of the library opposite, mainly during the late afternoon and evenings, and showcase our product. 

We also looked at a much bigger unit on the plaza that was next to a toy shop which had a much bigger footprint and huge windows that let lots of light in and also show our work more effectively. The group decision was to go with the first location if possible but we also had questions about using the digital advertising hoardings and utilising those to advertise the forthcoming mask as well

I Remembered My SD Card!!!

So I decdied to go back to the Market again today, a disappointment to the owner of a DIY store who told me off for photographing in the market and asked me not to shoot him, despite looking at my phone at the time and camera down by my side. 
On the plus side, I remembered my SD card and used my 24-70 L Lens to get a better angle on the roof and windows of the market. This lens worked a treat and I am happy with the way they turned out. I did a little bit of light editing to the images to see what the effect would be and to put more emphasis on the light being let into the building and also the textures of the market. Here are some of the results.

Black And White Film Disaster

So in this shoot, I decided to experiment on two fronts, B&W film and a 35mm lens. The Olympus OM10 I have been using for the majority of the film work was previously my dads and he recently donated it to me. He found a 35mm F2 lens for it which i decided to use, despite the fact that it had been stored in a damp cellar for 30 years. 

I also decided to take the opportunity to use some B&W (black and white) film, some Ilford XP2 Super 400. Unfortunately, when the film was developed, the results where similar to those in my last shoot, blurry, and I have no idea why. My best explanation is that the light meter is not reading correctly. I have put another roll of film into the camera, this time come Fuji Color ISO 400 film and I will shoot an f number higher than I would normally to see if this helps. I will also make sure to stay still after I have taken the image incase my movement once taking the pic is causing the issues.
The examples of the shoot show the issues I had but despite them, some images have come out rather nicely. I was focusing more on textures and people rather than the building itself and I am pleased to see that the film has given a genuinely retro feel to the images, doubly so when taken with an old camera. Despite the problems, I do like the the aesthetic that has been produced including the blurry ones, from a creative point of view but they will not be suitable for the project.

Using Format