Mask Hunt

I decided to go on the hunt for more discarded masks and see if I can come up with anything that will add to my work. I walked for 5 miles and found a few different masks that had be discarded, some in rather strange ways. One of the strangest had been tied onto two branches to keep them together, which was very odd and another that had been tied to the bottom of chickenwire style fencing. others had been discarded and thrown away, including re-usable masks. 

I did this on the same day I received my Paul Smith masks that I had purchased directly. The interesting thing here was that they had a warning label on the back of the box advising that these are not medical and not to be treated as such, highlighting people’s indifference to their and other people’s health and more concerned with how they look and being allowed into places they want to be. These I will photograph individually as well as with a model, if I can get one, and try and replicate the Burberry shoot or something similarly high fashion. 

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