Group Crit with Yan

Today we had a group meeting with Yan Preston to show our work and get feedback from her as well as other students. I was the first to show work and I am really glad I did as I got so much back from my peers and Yan herself. Harley suggested that i look at activism and the long term effects that masks will have on the environment and suggested a micro project around this but I feel that this is not the direction the project should go in as its different from the message I want to talk about, or at least what I think I want to talk about as I haven’t got a totally firm idea yet

Taylor liked the different stages of composition that the discarded masks has undergone, going from brand new and discarded to being trampled into mud and being absorbed by the surrounding environment. Grace, thankfully, focused more on my most recent shoot and she liked the outcome of the fashion shoot I did with Joe as next to the rest of the work, it really pops as its so colourful. 

Most of the feedback came from Yan who suggested I concentrate on how the visual and the concept work together. I should also take a look at Taryn Simon’s work which is a conceptual look about capitalism and worth some research. She also said that it was good I had identified two images that I said were my favourite and that I should print them off and pin them up and explore the tension between them and use this in my future images and not to be afraid of beauty.

Overall it was a very constructive session that I really enjoyed and I am glad we get feedback from one of the photography tutors from my undergrad. 

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