Giving Photoshop A Try

So today I tried to re-acquaint myself with Photoshop after many years of getting angry, frustrated and not quite understanding it. I wasn’t happy with my shoot with Harley, mainly because of the background so I thought I’d try and change the background onto something bold. This was easier said than done as Harley’s hair has many strands that the section tools and masking tools etc kept picking up so it looked a mess whenever i did anything. Thanks to a YouTube video by Phlearn which showed me about selections and masking, I was able to experiment and gradually improve upon my first attempt which I did alongside another tutorial by JustAlexHalford which was a lot more basic.
This has always been my issue with Photoshop, the different ways of trying to achieve the same thing, it always gets me confused and mixed up but despite these results not being quite what I wanted, I am please with the final outcome, despite the fact you can still see the background I was trying to remove in the first place

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