First shoot with a professional model

A couple of weeks ago I placed an advert on the Facebook group ‘Manchester Modelling - for Models, Photographers, MUA’. This group was recommended to me by a fellow photographer who had hired from here before and Manchester is a reasonable place to travel so I placed my own advert with images I had taken of Joe, Harley and Nish asking for a model to do similar work. 
Several model’s replied and I made appointments with 4 of them, two on monday the 15th and two on the 18th. Unfortunately I had two cancelations a few days before the first shoot and then the day before I had the final monday model call and cancel on me due to work commitments. She did say that if I could meet her closer to where she lived then she could still meet as agreed. I jumped at the opportunity as I was desperate for a model but it turned out that the model herself lived further away in Telford and after not having a great night sleep the night before, the long drive down to see her was arduous.

The model, Bekki, turned up as arranged and we met at an outdoor shopping complex which had a pond, a garden and bandstand as well as modern architecture. unfortunately the lighting was difficult as it was very overcast in most areas but in others it was very bright. I took my flash bender that I used with Joe and the same 24-70 ‘L’ lens and Canon 5D mk4 camera and initially I thought the shoot went well despite the changing light conditions. Bekki was excellent as she knew exactly what I wanted and required very little direction. However, she turned up wearing all black and a beige coat as opposed to the pastel colours we had agreed upon. 

After another 3 hour drive home and no sleep the night before, I was in no condition to edit the photos straight away so that was put off until this morning. I have to say I am disappointed with the outcome of most of the images. I took 222 images and only 4 of them I actually like. Thinking back, i think my fatigue may have contributed to the outcome as well as the fact Bekki did not wear the agreed upon colours.
However, the images i do like would be a good place to learn some photoshop skills such as airbrushing and to apply existing skills such as back ground replacement 

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