Equipment for the shoot

So today’s shoot with Joe, the model I managed to get, had its share of challenges but I thought I would talk about the equipment I had used for the shoot to help me overcome them.

In previous shoots with friends who have modelled for me, I have had issues with lighting as all my shoots so far have been outdoors and just me taking the images. If I had an assistant with me then it would have been much easier to exploit the light using reflectors to block or enhance the model. In order to overcome these challenges I have used my Canon Speedlite 430 EX III-RT to provide light and bounce it off surfaces using its moveable head, but the flash on it’s own is far too powerful for my tastes, making subjects look like they have been caught in headlights no matter how much I turn down the power of the flash. 
In order to soften the light, the Speedlite comes with an attachment that goes over it and softens the light but it doesnt go far enough for me and for this reason, I have often left my Speedlite alone and not used it.

However, I recently found an attachment called a Rogue  Flash Bender 2. It is an attachment that is meant for a Speedlite in a studio that would normally be on top of a tripod and be used as a replacement for a lamp with an attachment on. For my use, I have used the attachment outside, which was clumsy and made the total weight of the camera much heavier, but it really made a huge difference to the light and made it so much softer. The Flash Bender is so named because you can bend sand shape the light as you want which really adds to the usefulness of the attachment. 

One attachment I didn’t take is my Canon EW-83F, a petal lens cover. I didn’t take it as it came with my 24-70 ‘L’ Lens and is subsequently quite old so it keeps falling off if its touched. It also makes the camera bigger too and with it falling off easily, slightly more unwieldy. I didn’t miss this attachment at all during the shoot, but when it came to developing them, a few of my images had a nasty lens flare on them and ruined a perfectly good image so I really wish I brought this along and may invest in a new one.

I used all of these, or didn’t in one case, with my Canon 5D MK4,a full frame camera.

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