Apollo Shoot

Today, my friends from last semesters group work agreed to let me take his photo for my work in order for me to gain some traction and a firmer Idea of where this work can and will possibly lead. I did this after speaking with Yan Preston who said that the best way for me to see where my work can go is to shoot, shoot, shoot. And thats what I set out to do.

I noticed on our previous meeting that Apollo prefers to wear a snood rather than a face mask as I do and I thought that would possibly add to the content by offering a different perspective on the word ‘mask’. To add further intrigue, the snood is decorated with a wide smile full of fangs. 

The only downside was that the weather was very dull and overcast and unfortunately spitting with rain so this was a rushed shoot as my lens is not weather sealed. As a result of this I feel that the images could be stronger as the light is dull and flat and the light on the images I took with my speedlight looks too harsh. I feel that if I had another person with me to hold a reflector then things may have been different. 
On the plus side I learnt how to add a border around the image and then a stroke to the border for when I add it into the book, using photoshop.

Using Format