Another Group Crit

Tonight myself, Taylor Astle, Chris and Tom got together. to discuss work that we had made up to this point and ask about ideas and discuss our work. Some great ideas were given to me by the group including confirming what I was already thinking in that maybe I should stop photographing masks the I find on the floor and start thinking out of the box such as gathering up a mixture discarded masks and pile them up or hang them up and photograph them to further emphasise the problem. I like the aesthetic of this but Im not sure if this veers the project too much towards an environmental theme? 

It was also suggested that I get in touch with a company that makes environmentally friendly masks and ask them if i can photograph their masks or maybe collaborate with them in some way. Again I think this veers me too much towards an environmental theme.

These get togethers are becoming a weekly thing now and each time they have been supremely useful, they are similar to the crits I had in my third year undergrad and are a great source of confidence and isnpiration that really help to push forward my project

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