Another day wasted

I was looking forward to a day of learning something new or a lecture where I was interested in what was being delivered but unfortunately i was disappointed. The morning session was with a guy called Dale who delivered one of the more confusing lectures of this course so far. It seemed to focus on creative writing from what I understood of it but I, like a few others, jumped ship.  I hung on for 45 mins or so but by then the attendance had gone from around 20 to at 8 and I just felt uninvolved in what was going on. I spent the time looking up some photoshop tutorials and planning my shoot tomorrow

The next lecture was with Spencer but it seemed to be a re-cap of the morning lecture. Spencer spent an entire hour talking to fellow student Jack despite my course-mates telling me on facebook chat that they are showing work. I asked if we would be doing so in the group chat and he said we could but was told to respond to the lecture and discuss it. Unfortunately my internet dropped out when it looked like we were going to do this. I logged back on and I felt like I was interrupting someone else’s conversation. 

I logged off to come to the ‘CO’ poster workshop. This was an interesting presentation but was delivered by someone who i assumed was a student. She seemed very nervous and monotone but the lecture itself was interesting as was the task of making an image based on a CO word such as construction or cooperative etc. 

Overall I feel like I have wasted my day that could be spent doing other things and makes me wonder, not for the first time, why I am spending money on this course which has had so little subject specific content. 

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