A Chance Encounter

I was browsing Facebook yesterday when I noticed a post from someone complaining about the masks littered everywhere and no one cutting the strands. This grabbed my attention immediately and I read through the replies, one of which was by a man called Richard who works at the supermarket local to me as a cleaner and spends his day cleaning the car park. He mentioned that he spends most of his day picking up masks and disposing of them. 

As a result of this comment i messaged him and asked if he was able to do a photoshoot of him picking up the masks with his tongs and possibly one of himself. He was initially interested but didn’t want to get into trouble with his employers so suggested an early morning shoot, 5AM, and to make it quick as he has to let in other employees into the building. 

When he moment came to do the shoot he was very accommodating and polite and we got on well and I was able to photograph him picking up the masks he found. We only had 10 mins as work got in the way but despite this and the early start, I found the whole enterprise worthwhile

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