A Busy Day Part 2: Nish

So the time came for my evening shoot with Nish. He is a fellow tog who i collaborate with occasionally and he wanted some help doing some Star Wars themed instagram photos. This shoot took place during the evening in Leeds centre in areas near Bridgewater Place, the tallest building in the city. Once I had assisted him with these image, he agreed to a shoot with himself modelling the masks. 

This is the first night shoot I had but I neglected to bring my softbox and Speedlite along so I was forced into using the street lights surrounding us and using a high ISO and a wide aperture to get enough light in. The images came out better than I had hoped considering these factors. Noise is kept to low levels and the images are sharp when you zoom in on them. 

I am keen on the way the light hits his eyes in the images and casts down onto his face, really emphasising them and the mask as well. The major downside to this is that it was an unplanned shoot, and I had 30 mins notification to get my gear together and get to Leeds so Nish’s wardrobe is not ideal, the yellow is jarring and dominates the images and the style of clothes used is not what I had in mind. Having said that, I am still pleased with the outcome although time will tell if I actually use them in my final work 

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