A Busy Day Part 1: Harley

This Saturday was a busy day for me. I had two photoshoots arranged and I also had a family event packed between them. The first shoot was with Harley, my course mate, who very kindly volunteered to take part in my project by having her photo taken with the designer mask on. The photoshoot was early in the morning and took place at her house in the garden, which was surrounded on all sides by tall bushes, preventing from too much natural light coming through. I’m glad that I brought along my Speedlite and soft box attachment as this helped a great deal. 

I had an idea to create a modern and crisp shoot with Harley and I was keen for a woman to get involved as I had only managed to photograph men so far in this series. However, the shoot didn’t turn out as I expected, the images in my opinion turned out a little flat and dull. This is no reflection on the model, more me and my handling of the shoot. I tried to replicate the look of the previous shoot I had done with joe, asking for her to tilt her head down and look down as well. I also focused too much on the left side of her face as this was the side with the Paul Smith logo on it which I neglected far too much on my previous shoot with Joe. 

I did do some research on the subject before I had this shoot with Harley, buying the March editions of both Vogue and Elle in order to get ideas and inspiration. Unfortunately, a lot of the ideas were conceptual which is not what I was going for so I think more research is needed going forward. 

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