1433 Session

So today’s lecture was one of the more baffling for me. Today we spoke about personas but I have absolutely no idea how to explain these or what they are about. From what I can piece together, they are about a projects target audience but ones we make up ourselves? Or people who you would like your work to reach and you outline who these people are. 
The tasks for this session was equally baffling for me. I can understand why this is something we need to think about but I had trouble linking it to my own work. 

We also talked about future studies…this is where i was really lost. Delivered in a monotone, it was hard to keep track on what was going on and what I was supposed to be learning. Quite honestly i felt like the day was a bit of a waste and some parts actually made me question why I want to be a photographer as it made it seem that this was essential in order to work for a studio.

After sitting through this, i have no enthusiasm to sit through more lectures given by the enterprise team today.

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