Symposium on Embodied Art Practice

It was disappointing to attend another lecture that I, and my classmates, had very little idea about what it was about. We spent the first half hour watching a video about a session where a group of jewish people got together to make drawings in a room while also singing. The topic of the lecture was supposed to be about how we use our bodies to create images but what I witnessed was singing while drawing, bringing to mind Snow White: Whistle While You Work. 
The images were made on A3 paper and with charcoal and the participants seemed to be creating work that linked to how they linked to the music the other people created. The music itself was lovely and nice to listen to but the rest of the video lost me, especially when it came to one of the participants kissing the floor, this may be an act of devotion but it was uncomfortable to watch. I feel there are better discussions to be had about using our bodies to make art, and better ones about spirituality which is where this video attempts to take us. 
This particular part of the lecture was really uninvolving which is a real shame as there was scope to include some activities which would have engaged more people, or at least it would have engaged me more. The last few weeks have had a practical elements, such as Jamie’s, and have been engaging and enjoyable as a result. 

The second part of this lecture was given by Roy Claire Potter. She gave us a link to a Soundcloud clip to listen to that she had made. I am afraid I couldn’t really tell you about it as it was so mono tone and dull and irrelevant that it made my attention wonder but seemed to centre around masturbation?

All these sessions have done for me so far is to reaffirm my dislike for performance art which is just so hard to swallow at the best times. The Big Lebowski and Spaced with Vulva’s performance art piece are the only performance art examples I can think of in pop culture and the only ones i like, mainly because they are slightly poking fun, one at the individual and the other at the pretentiousness of the art scene which performance art does better than the other areas of art. 

There was an opportunity to talk further about this lecture in small groups but I didn’t attend, and a few others didn’t either. This is mainly because of a lack of interest and a sense of confusion as well as looming deadlines so some people spent time researching or adding to blogs. 
Instead we set up a session our selves to discuss what was due to be handed in and how to do it, if the lectures had been focused on this instead, it would have been more worthwhile use of our time. 


Another Group Crit

Tonight myself, Taylor Astle, Chris and Tom got together. to discuss work that we had made up to this point and ask about ideas and discuss our work. Some great ideas were given to me by the group including confirming what I was already thinking in that maybe I should stop photographing masks the I find on the floor and start thinking out of the box such as gathering up a mixture discarded masks and pile them up or hang them up and photograph them to further emphasise the problem. I like the aesthetic of this but Im not sure if this veers the project too much towards an environmental theme? 

It was also suggested that I get in touch with a company that makes environmentally friendly masks and ask them if i can photograph their masks or maybe collaborate with them in some way. Again I think this veers me too much towards an environmental theme.

These get togethers are becoming a weekly thing now and each time they have been supremely useful, they are similar to the crits I had in my third year undergrad and are a great source of confidence and isnpiration that really help to push forward my project

1433 Session

So today’s lecture was one of the more baffling for me. Today we spoke about personas but I have absolutely no idea how to explain these or what they are about. From what I can piece together, they are about a projects target audience but ones we make up ourselves? Or people who you would like your work to reach and you outline who these people are. 
The tasks for this session was equally baffling for me. I can understand why this is something we need to think about but I had trouble linking it to my own work. 

We also talked about future studies…this is where i was really lost. Delivered in a monotone, it was hard to keep track on what was going on and what I was supposed to be learning. Quite honestly i felt like the day was a bit of a waste and some parts actually made me question why I want to be a photographer as it made it seem that this was essential in order to work for a studio.

After sitting through this, i have no enthusiasm to sit through more lectures given by the enterprise team today.

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